Rails + Passenger + SSL on OSX

Finally got SSL working on my dev box. This is pretty nice for testing anything SSL – we’ve been getting a lot of surprises lately with SSL… it’s pretty hard to test.

First – you can install Passenger following Robby’s guide. Just take the Passenger steps – skip the ports, etc. unless you don’t have rails: http://www.robbyonrails.com/articles…

Then – create a SSL cert. Follow this guys instructions but ignore the apache steps. And substitute whatever passenger name you gave your app (like myapp.local) for the common name name instructions. Just do Step 1: http://www.silverchairsolutions.com/blog…

Then follow Step 2 onwards here: http://loganleger.com/apache-…

Then just do a sudo apachectl restart and you should be good to go.

Places I’ve been

Man – I need to travel more (technically haven’t been to Mexico, going in a week though)

Wyoming from 30,000

Here some pics I snapped on the way back from New Mexico…

Wyoming from 30,000
Grand Tetons

Wyoming from 30,000
Cool shadows

Massive mud? flow

Wyoming from 30,000
Cool ridge line

Matanza Party in New Mexico

There are 250 more photos of this trip in this Flickr set.

My long time friend Bill (aka The Great Goober) and his wife Jen threw a Matanza party this year down on their off-the-grid, all organic, completely self-sufficient farm in Anton Chico (outside of Las Vegas, New Mexico).


Matanza (Spanish for “killing” or “slaughter”) is a traditional harvest type festival:

As matanza researcher Cynthia Martin explains “A traditional Matanza is a family and community-gathering event, with friends and neighbors helping in the labor-intensive job of processing a large pig, goat or sheep”.

“Taking at least an entire day, the process goes from the slaughtering the animal and butchering the meat to cooking the various meat products and preparing what is left for distribution and storage. Of course all those helpers also need to be fed, so the women in the family plan and prepare large amounts of food for the event.”


This was a real eye-opener for me. As you’ve no doubt heard getting your meat in shrink wrapped, “couldn’t possibly have been an animal” form really discounts the value of meat and what goes into (raising something for years and killing it). When you watch a slaughter you realize that meat is murder – it’s brutal. I’m guessing the majority of Americans would be vegetarian if they had to butcher their own animals. I’d for sure be a vegan farmer.



Killing, skinning/plucking, and butchering one goat and three chickens took most of the day. We started a large fire in a deep pit and let it burn down to a deep bed of coals. We place the meat, wrapped in tin foil and wet burlap bags into the coals, covered with dirt and eventually crashed. About half the people at the party camped out and the next day people from all over New Mexico showed up for the party.


I was there for around a week and was interesting to see how much work goes into a farm. Bill and Jen work their asses off from sun up to sun down. The reward is that they’re almost 100% self sufficient.


Recently they’ve been getting help from WWOOFers (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). Winston and Caitlin were staying with them in Bill and Jen’s yurt. If you have romantic dreams of farming I’d HIGHLY recommend doing this for a while – you’ll like decide that your white collar job and grocery shopping are much more attractive afterwords.

Bill and Jen also have two kids Aldo (4) and Cloe (2). It was nice to see kids not raised on TV. They had fun running around outside (Aldo literally ran all day long) and playing with simple toys. They’re a handful though!


Overall it was a great trip. I look forward to spending more time down there in the future.


There are 250 more photos of this trip in this Flickr set.

Ballard at night

Well – late afternoon (I hate you day light savings time!). Due to the rain there is a lot of glare on the streets… I’ll have to try again when it’s not raining (heh, as if).

Ballard at Night

Ballard at Night

Olympic National Park trip

All photos are up on Flickr.

With 25-30′ seas being predicted my friend Julie from work and I decided to take off to the Olympic coast yesterday. It was a very long 13.5 hour drive round trip from here, to Edmonds/Kingston, out to Neah Bay and Cape Flattery and then south along the Olympic National Park beaches, through Aberdeen and back home via Olympia on I-5.

Julie at Cape Flattery (1)

Cape Flattery was wet, windy and cold. Seas couldn’t have been more than 10-15 (if that). Kind of a disappointment but, Cape Flattery is spectacular no matter what the weather is like.

Waves just of La Push (1)

We then headed south to La Push (photo above are waves breaking just off La Push), home of the Quileute Nation. The waves were much more impressive at La Push.

On the way to La Push we stopped at the “treaty line” – No Vampires Beyond This Point for a spot of lunch. Good fucking grief! Forks, and everything surrounding it has been completely taken over by this Twilight silliness. There were tons of teenage girls everywhere. People taking pictures in front of the Forks sign. Twilight menus, tours, etc. As Julie told me – the movie wasn’t even filmed in Forks, but in Oregon – but that’s not stopping the girls. I can’t help but think they’re let down when they get there. These definitely aren’t the types that have been to National Parks and thus, Forks. Forks is getting better than it was 10 years ago, but remains a very sorry excuse for a town mostly filled with people who think logging is patriotic or some such nonsense. Well – at least they’ve finally found a revenue stream other than clear cutting and meth labs.

I don’t believe I’ve missed these great cabins at La Push. I’ve been searching and searching for nice places to stay on the coast… there aren’t many of them but, the Quileute Resort has some really sweet beach front cabins ranging from $135 – $280. There’s a convenience store near by and easy access to Olympic beaches via bike trails. There are a few restaurants in La Push that you could easily walk to as well. They also run one of the nicest RV parks I’ve seen. I’d definitely recommend this place and will definitely be back. And, of course, there’s a Twilight package.

Entrance to La Push Harbor

La Push also has a marina and the worlds scariest harbor entrance. I’ve never seen it calm on the west coast… this entrance looked terrifying (photo above).

From La Push we drove south to Ruby Beach. I love this beach. Here are some pics…

Ruby Beach (3)

Sun setting at Ruby Beach

And then we drove down to the imaginatively named Beach 4 for the sunset before heading home.

Sunset at Beach 4  002

All photos are up on Flickr.

Making money on Free

Interesting (not necessarily new though) talk on the Freemium model.

In long tail model – the head of the curve is ad driven and free, the tail is paid content and very niche.

Newspapers: Not “free vs paid” but ad-driven free vs freemium

1. The best model is a mix of paid and free content
2. You can’t charge for exclusives that will just be repeated elsewhere
3. Don’t charge for the most popular content on your site
4. Content behind a pay wall should appeal to niches
5. The narrower the niche the better

Alan Murray, wsj.com

Thanks (once again) to the Best Free Documentaries blog for the find.

Seizing the Mid-Collapse Moment

Interesting talk comparing the Soviet collapse to the possible upcoming US collapse.

He get’s bonus points for living on a boat in Salem, MA

Dmitry Orlov – Seizing the Mid-Collapse Moment from Feasta on Vimeo.

Found on Best Free Documentaries.

Blog’s been down for a while

A combination of working way too much, getting black listed as an unsafe site and hosting issues is my excuse for not posting here since March.

The black listed issue was a pain.  This site has 1,000’s of posts and 1,000’s of comments.  Google, unhelpfully, tells you your site is blocked buy not the offending URL.  While porting this site (and westsail28.com and shilsholed.com) over to BlueHost.com I found 18,000 spam comments on this blog… sigh.  I don’t know what people do who don’t know SQL – that would have taken forever to clean up with out SQL.

Anyway – back on line.  Please adjust your RSS readers since the sub folder /aietc no longer exists.

On 38

Early morning at the office

4:30am – at the office – working – pretty standard.

Looking back on 38…

Finally have a job I like.

Finally have a newish car (first for me).

Finally got diagnosed with diabetes (inevitable given my lifestyle).

Finally got my brain working a bit closer to normal.

Finally moved back onto a boat.

Finally took a summer off.

Finally starting to feel older. When “they” (radio, tv, most people) say “when I was a kid” they’re refering to the 80’s, not the 70’s most of the time. I’ve been the oldest guy at work for a while now. The Prez is only a few years older than me. I’m starting to think of 30 as young and just totally don’t get what 20 year olds view point is. I’m woefully out of touch with pop culture.

38 was hard, really hard, but, it turned out well towards the end.