Installed Ubuntu today in under an hour and am posting this from Firefox running on Ubuntu running on VMWare Workstation 5 running on Windows XP Pro all running on a computer that’s on it’s second mother board but more or less 7 years old (but still pretty sweet and hackish). Ok – that’s got to get brownie points for some geek award.

Thanks to Kwin for the Ubuntu recommendation (“Linux for Human Beings: I am what I am because of who we all are”), Matt for giving me shit for being a looser “one language developer” and Big Al the super Ops guy answering some “oh my god, how stupid are you?” questions I had about shells, linux distros, and other networked life wonderings.

Now we’ll see if I get get MediaWiki, MySql and PHP running. That’s the goal for this weekend.

BTW: There’s a small “bug” with VMWare and Ubuntu installs. You need to go into advanced mode in VM Ware when creating the virtual server and choose IDE instead of SCSI drive. After that – this stuff works better than windows. Literally – no hard ware problems – which even beats XP on this box.