OMG – this is beyond stupid. This video starts off as a normal bigfoot video – in other words it could have been bigfoot, or a large ball of twine from the 18th dimension – the video is too blury to make a scientific distinction.

What’s great about this video is what comes after the “bigfoot sighting”. Enter a PhD Crypto Zoologist in a dorky jacket, a pith helmet and a baton to point at people when he’s talking to them. He’ll be leading the “dangerous” mission into Manitoba (tales of dangerous float plane trips abound – this guys clearly never left New Jersey before – perfect choice for a leader). But wait, there’s more, also joining this “expedition” is the fearless, fake titted, over pumped, blond bimbo rock starlet – who will, of course, be used as bait to draw bigfoot out.

And – as far as I can tell – this is all entirely serious.