Stupid Fucking Patents

I fucking hate the stupid shit that’s going on with Patent Law these days. Amazon (owners of the all so rocket-science idea of 1-click ordering which is about as revolutionary as picking your fucking nose) is now trying to patent charging for the use of other peoples web services. Interesting business idea, worthy of a patent though, no way! That’s like patenting selling ice cream in a store. Fuck that.

Tons of great comments on slashdot about this. This one was great… this is the only software patent we need. From Pakaran2

This patent violates my US Pat. No. 31415926, relevant parts of the patent are quoted below:

US Pat 31415926: Mechanism for patenting obvious computer-related shit and suing people who are already doing it:


A mechanism, consisting of

a) a lawyer
b) obvious computer-related shit
c) a large collection of buzzwords, including but not limited to “Via tcp/ip,” “client-server architecture,” “VLSI processor” and “fully TLA compliant”
d) a patent on said shit, including said buzzwords
e) a lawsuit filed by lawyer (a) invoking patent (d) and buzzwards (c)


1. Come up with obvious computer-related shit (b) that tens of thousands of companies worldwide were already doing
2. Hire lawyer (a) to write and file patent (d) using buzzwords (c) to make shit (b) appear nontrivial.
3. Retain lawyer (a) to file lawsuit (e) against companies mentioned in step 1
4. Settle out of court, or drag lawsuit out until said small companies settle

As can be clearly seen, Amazon is infringing on my patent! What does the slashdot community recommend I do?