Kayaking: Baker Lake

Kat and I went up to Baker Lake today to go kayaking. Gorgeous lake. Tons of white trash motor(boat/home) types. Amazing paddle spot. Show up early before the winds pick up (or late if you’re sailing). Kind of a cluster fuck in July – tons of people at the put in… but, given the 9 mile lake, it doesn’t seem crouded once you get out there.

We did 6.9 miles in 2 hours, moving average 3.4 with lot’s of mucking about.

Mt. Baker – had a wee cloud infront of it most of the day.

Found this shrub in the middle of the lake with no exposed earth. Got out to stand in the middle of the lake. This lake would be pretty dangerous in a motorboat going 60 if you weren’t REALLY paying attention… also, tons of floating logs.

I think that’s Mt. Shuksen at the end of the lake.

Another cool little island.

Map of what we covered.