Cingular: Cingas tu madre!

How f’ing useless is this company?

We’ve been using a pre-paid card for sending MMS. When I put this card in my phone it says I have a $4.73 balance. Sending MMS messages cost something like $0.05 a pop. But it won’t send or receive MMS messages (from the cell phone or modem) (absolutely no error from the phone and a can’t connect to cingular from the modem – which you get all the time anyway, even from a working account)

I tried calling my personal phone number using this SIM card – the first time I tried it said I needed to refill my account, I entered the phone number and the automated voice said (no shit) “this operation has failed, goodbye” click. Nice. Never got this message again – I can dial out and text message as normal – just can’t do MMS.

I sent a test text message from my personal phone the prepaid account, not only did it arrive, it arrived 12 times in a row.

I sent an MMS message to this phone and nothing happened. I never got anything. Sent the same message to my personal phone and it worked.

So – I figured I’d add more money to the account – can’t hurt – we will use it eventually.

1) Try to refill via their website: Their website throws a “The page contains no data” when going to off of this page

2) Try to refill the account using the account wap site on the phone itself. It doesn’t let you do this.

3) Try to call cingular to add time. Nope – their office isn’t open. Bling, with it’s whopping 7 employees is pretty much open 24/7 but one of the largest phone companies in the world isn’t open on Saturday morning.

4) Try to register this pre-paid account online on their website (like I’ve done with my other AT&T, now Cingular account): Error: that phone numbers account type is not supported.

I mean – this is unbelievable. I don’t believe these clowns are in business. You can’t give them money if you spend an entire hour trying.