Ode to Big Dead Place

Oh Big Dead Place how we will miss thee. Our empty office hours will now be devoid of tales from the drunk side. No longer will we be able to feel warm all over in the knowledge that Dilbert is alive and well in the coldest part of our planet. What will life be like without Boozy the Artic Clown? Where will we go for truth when there are no Fucked Up Winter People to consult?

Gone will be the one stop shopping of horrific artic lore. No more tales to read over a boring office week of burried teeth, reprimand rodeo, or tales from McMurdo Galley.

Big Dead Place – you will be greatly missed. The internet will just not be the same without your wonderful coverage of a place so strange and remote. Thanks for doing the site all these years.

At least you’re keeping it in archive mode!