More on Ruby-on-Rails

I’ve been doing a website for a friend… kind of a brochure ware thing but lot’s of dynamic content (blog, links, product pricing, etc.). I nailed down the wire frame, got it looking ok this weekend in .NET and was going to start wiring up the database stuff but just couldn’t face that monotony again.

I finally forced myself to spend an entire weekend learning ruby-on-rails and man am I glad I did. I’ve now got a mostly finished website, all the db admin stuff is more or less done via scaffold, it’s already model-view-controller’d, and it just plain works. I could have easily spent a few days just doing the db admin stuff in .NET.

Given that this is an entirely new language to me, new architectures, all with fairly poor documentation I’m blown away with how much I got done. Once you learn the intricacies of rails and ruby I’d think you could crank out very impressive sites in virtually no time at all and, unlike rush jobs in .NET, actually have a maintainable site at the end of the process.