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I know … many of you had to seek grief consoling when both Redrum Recipes and the two EditMe Recipe wiki’s went down (which occured during the tragic de-release of EditMe 2.0 – may that code base rest in peace). In this great tragedy we learned valuable lessons though: just keeping duck tape in the house sometimes isn’t enough.

We have been working hard, lots of hard work, with lots of agencies and the internets and communications and god fearing peoples. We cut our vacation schedule back to a sparse 25 weeks this year to bring you this. While ignoring every senior adviser that’s ever been I do listen to God and he told me, W (that’s W as in Wiseley), put up another recipe site. I believe there’s a sign out west: “Wanted dead or alive”… we prefer alive; we’re pro-life here at

And thus, with great fanfare, we bring Recipe Wiki Beta (and we’re not talking beta like those posers at Google, we’re talking actual Beta – in that it probably don’t work right):

Recipe Wiki Site

Here at (in partnership with and [which means Pointless, vain effort in that wacky Japanese tongue]) we’re always working to bring you new useless things. We’ll be adding form based recipe addition tools in the not-too-distant future so y’all don’t have to learn that wacky wiki editing nonsense, articles on cooking, and, hell, it’s the internet, maybe some kitchen porn as well – why not? Of course, to fight the evil legions of spam bots you need to register to edit stuff, but reading is free and easy.