Winter Solstace

In what appeared to be a bizarre mix of Cosplay and a Druid Ritual (I’m not joking) The Bards of Caer Pugetia aka The Bards of Turtle Island as seeded by The British Druid Order put on a badly rehersed spectacle in the fountain at Seattle Center. They had lots of flames (including flaming hula-hooping), ridiculously inane, overly dramatic, very ominous speeches, loud Benedictine-style chanting music, people dressed in circus/druid costumers, camouflage, kimono’s with 3ft high hair, a kid on roller blades with wings taped to her helmet, a guy on stilts and (my favorite) a really tall black guy in a purple sequin pimp suit following a Japanese girl carrying a lantern larger than herself. Sounds like an excuse to do halloween year round with a tax free status. But, hey, it’s better than the religious right.

The pictures aren’t great – click anyone for a full size view.

From ages long since past, before written history and clouded in the mists of time, the Druid order rekindles in the hearts and minds of a new generation. The Spirit of Mother Earth and Father Sun awaken in the hearts of the people.

We are just over 200 Bards who hold Gorsedds and Eisteddfod eight times per year. As Bards of Turtle Island (America) we have not only natural holy places with ancient trees and forests, native sites, but also modern Henges like the Stonehenge replica in concrete on the Columbia Gorge, or the stone circles made in our era. Although we once had frequent access to the Columbia Gorge Stonehenge Monument, we no longer frequent this site due to increasing difficulties with communications pertaining to the site, and difficulties in funding.

From Bards of Caer Pugetia