Creepy Coins reminds me of Altoids in the Oven

The Sneeze’s post about Creepy Coins reminded me of what happened to Kat and I years ago.

We’d gone to Maine for Christmas. When we returned to our apartment in Boston (Somerville, techinically) the door was locked but all the windows were open. The place was freezing. All of our stuff was still there, the computers, the VCRs, etc. We couldn’t find anything missing. Bizarre.

A few days later we noticed our change jar of pennies (a decorative garbage can of sorts since pennies are worthless) was missing. Boo hoo… the glass jar was worth more than the pennies. So, that was pretty odd, someone broke (well opened, the windows weren’t locked) into our house and stold our penny jar. OK, that’s pretty odd. But there’s more.

A few days later I needed to bake something. The apartment was pretty old and you needed to light the stove by hand. When I went to light the oven I found a box of Altoids on the middle rack. Nothing else, no note, nothing. Kat and I never ate Altoids so it’s not like we accidently put them in the oven (as if). Stranger still.

To this day we have no idea what this was all about.