Project Aardvark

I ordered Project Aardvark: 12 Weeks With Geeks the first day Joel (on Software) posted it. Why? Because, as my right wing, about to be x-manager put it, I’m on a quest. While his political vision seems very confused he hit that call right on the mark. Politics aside – he’s a good guy.

I’m on a quest to understand why simple becomes complex, why it’s so hard to keep things organized, and always looking for ways to avoid doing repetitive, booring things. I’m looking for the perfect software methodology. I think Joel pretty much has found this.

Project Aardvark is a story of Joel hiring 4 interns and allowing them to develop, from scratch to 1.0, Project Aardvark… released as Copilot. A very geeky, very Joel movie. And, well, who couldn’t have wished for such an opportunity in our early careers instead of having to learn from the mistakes that are others careers.


smooshyDecember 22nd, 2005 at 10:47 am

I also pre-order purchased this DVD because I thought it would be a great gift to my girlfriend to give her some insight into my world. It just confirmed that we [software engineers] are generally over-paid over-grown children in “adult” schools. I love being a software dev.

As for the movie, I thought it was a decent documentary, but I had a difficult time connecting with the nearly autistic interns and the disconnected storyline. Yes, it’s the first documentary of its kind, and I appreciate Joel’s effort to document what a real software development cycle should be like, but about the only thing I loved about the movie was the original soundtrack.

AdministratorDecember 22nd, 2005 at 10:51 am

I really wished they’d gone into a bit more detail on what they were actually doing, how they did design, etc. It was pretty light on anything technical. And, those chicken shits should have totally jumped for that ledge… I would have. It’s not science if you don’t test it.

And, yah, those were some scary MIT basement cases.