Kayaking around Hope Island

I finally got sick of waiting for the weather to improve (it’s been a miserable week) and kayaked out to Hope Island, in the south sound. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages.

The weather sucked. It was blowing 15-20 and pooring rain most of the day. The total paddling miles where around 8. Doing a broad reach in following seas with a 2 knot current behind me meant that the first 4 miles (getting there) took 30 minutes. That’s great time in a kayak that normally does 3 mph. A bit dicey, a roll out there would have been bad (as in dead) … but fun none the less. On the way back I paddled into a 15 mph wind… exhausting but fun.

Boston Harbor (the starting point) is a cute town just north of Olympia. They rent kayaks there if you ever want to do this trip. Alternatively Acadia is probably no more than 50 yards from Hope Island… you could do that in an innertude.

Hope Island itself is small, but pretty. Nice forests and a 1 mile trail snakes through the island.

All photos from the trip are up on Flickr if you’re interested.

The flash going off illuminates the fog… when your flash goes off in “broad day light” at 11am you know you’re in the Northwest… land of seldom sun.

Map of Hope Island and it’s trails

My Necky Pinta (a great boat) on the beach on Hope Island

GPS track of Boston Harbor around Hope Island

More photos from this trip are here.