Kayaking in 35pmh winds

I went kayaking today on Lake Washington where it was blowing 35+. Well, I couldn’t make any progress (well I was probably doing 0.5 mph paddling as hard as I could). I wanted to get out in the middle of the lake and try out my new camera mounting rig I hobbled together on the boat but I would have never made it back to the beach and don’t have anyone to pick me up once I was blown all the way down the lake.

Anyway – it’s notoriously hard to convery rough seas… and they weren’t that rough but there’s a 5MB video of this stupidity (3 minutes) if anyone’s interested.

overly dramatic extract from the video

520 bridge cam for today

I’m a video idiot (and a vidiot as well) but AutoGordian is a super simple to use AVI compression program… took my 27MB avi and reduced it to 5MB. It’s freeware.

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smooshyDecember 28th, 2005 at 8:02 pm

The video is upside down for me. It was like watching you paddle in the southern hemisphere.

So much for AutoGordian.