Very Short Kayak Trip/Tip

In what had to be my shortest kayak trip to date my friend Eric and I set out to go up the Sammimish Slough (which, if anyone is interested, must be running at 2-3 mph right now). Not two minutes into this Eric tipped over. Trip over. We were parked illegally at one of those great “you need a permit, please drive across town and see Bimbo Bureaucrat between the hours of 10am and 10:15am on Tuesday” places (but they don’t even tell you that much – you need to go home and dig through the yellow pages) … the cops actually showed up to check permits (in crime ridden Kenmore) and probably would have ticketed me until they saw Eric walking around soaking wet in his underwear shivering… they just shook their heads and left (so, note, if dying of hypothermia in Kenmore don’t expect help from the coppers). Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of this… things happen fast when swimming and late December water temps are involved. Still, pretty funny.

“expedition map”