Kayaking Redmond to Kirkland plus “Kayak Shape”

Following yesterdays record short paddle I did what was probably the longest paddle I’ve ever done today in lovely rain (but no wind). I put in just down stream from Marymoore Park in Redmond near the Redmond Aquasports.

The current in the slough was one or two knots… faster in a few short sections. I was suprised this didn’t help my time much. It took me 4.5 hours to 20.4 miles which is 4.5 mph – which is about 0.5 mph faster than I normally kayak.

Construction on the 116th bridge in Redmond forces a pretty easy portage (but bring your dolly… it’d be a long carry). And a very steep put in (but not that bad… would be a blast in a white shell to slide down). The slough should be back open (said some construction lady) mid-August.

At the end I tried out a simple kayak shape. I’ve been meaning to start drawing shapes with my kayak… sort of a game/challenge. You’re not allowed to use your GPS… just use it for recording. The very simple shape I did today was a circle done by kayaking 2 minutes, turning 30 degrees and repeating 12 times. Pretty simple as long as you maintain a steady pace.

Map – about 20 miles

“great” shot of the bridge constructions

Very steep put in after portage