.Net 2.0 – Refactoring

For all the bitching I do about MS… the refactoring in the new IDE absolutely kicks ass. I renamed one of my models this morning (just changed the file name), which was used everywhere, and the IDE asked me if I’d like to refactor… so, what the hell, I said yes (no, I haven’t been drinking, yet). It changed 40 or so files, flawlessly. Pretty impressive. Makes continual refactoring (always a good thing) very simple.

Once again… MS leads the world in IDEs. It’d be nice if they’d just stick to that. I really wish they’d make a Ruby-on-Rails IDE. (Dream on).

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matt wJanuary 24th, 2006 at 9:08 am

Uhhh… Eclipse has done this for years, as has IntelliJ IDEA and many other Java IDEs.