Costco Parking Lot

People are fucking strange. We got to Costco five minutes before it opened and had to sit in our car and wait. We did this once before in Cambridge, MA (at a different store) and watched some guy spend 15 minutes lining his car up perfectly in his parking spot in a completely empty parking lot. Today was no different.

First there was a genormous Seahawks Winebego with a beyond stupid paint job hanging out (the Seahawks corporate headquarters are in Kirkland). Then this old couple came into the empty parking lot. The old lady got out and, I shit you not, guided her senile husband into the parking lot exactly like they do for 747’s at the airport.

Next a guy who was there before us up and decided he had to move his sorry ass. He drove around the parking lot and parked right in front of us… facing us. There are at least 1000 parking spots in this lot and he didn’t think twice about parking right in front of us. We spent a few minutes laughing at his confused ass (which he refused to acknowledge) and then I had to take off and peel around the parking lot at dangerous speeds for a bit, driving eratically in all directions, making a spectacle and scarying yuppie bimbos in their Escalades. Ha! Showed them crackers… my ass is beyond crazy. Take that parking lot people!

Then the store opened.

Fucking people.