Strange things I never knew

Of course… this could be a really long post, but, specifically this is about John and Abigail Adams

Once again American Experience took a really booring plug and made it great. Would you watch this?

Opening a window onto the revolutionary era, John and Abigail’s story provides a strikingly intimate look inside a marriage of true companions, for whom life included not just the great events of history, but also laughter, loneliness, affection, and family tragedy.

Well – since there was nothing left on Tivo we did and it was remarkable.

So – what’s so strange? I found it strange that John Adams and Thomas Jeffereson both died on July 4th the same year, same day, during Americas first bicentenial.

Besides that it was just, overall, a really well done show.

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mattJanuary 30th, 2006 at 9:38 pm

I saw some of that… it was pretty good. But I didn’t see the part about their birthdays. How did two founding fathers of the country die on the country’s bicentenial? Wasn’t that in 1976?