The Border Patrol!

Oh Shit Dude! We accidently watched a Border Patrol commercial last night, despite having Tivo, because we thought it was a Daily Show joke/spoof. Right click this link (they’re not streaming it properly), save to desktop and watch… too funny.

Tactical Unit: In charge of arresting dish washers and fruit pickers… Hooo Ya! Go! Go! Go!

What’s even more comical about this is that these retards are advertising during the Daily Show… that’s like advertising Gay Nudist Retreats during the fucking Super Bowl (well, there is an awful lot of man-on-man ass grabbing… so maybe that’s not such a bad idea). Anyway… “Hey, stoners! Like, dude, join the Border Patrol when you’re done listening to John mock us”. The government never inspires much confidence.

At least they’re building a big fucking fence. Which… and you just can’t make this up… comes with a badly done midi rendition of “Coming to America” as the background music. (Site maintained by supporters of the Border Patrol [aka Groupies]).

Sees good in bad, most wise. Yah, fuck you Yoda – you’re not American. They are, to their credit, using XML document types for their web pages which, to their discredit, probably just means they paid IBM a gazillion dollars to make their brochure ware site.


smooshyFebruary 22nd, 2006 at 12:32 pm

I totally thought of Bay Watch. Those female border patrollers were H-O-T HOT!