Cannon Beach at night

Kat and I went down to the beach tonight and, while very cold (30 + 15mph wind chill) it was crystal clear and the stars were amazing. We went back to the hotel, grabbed the camera and tripod, walked back out, did a three minute exposure and were frozen. Kat headed back but I staid to do a 20 minute exposure.

I was walking squares (30 steps, turn right) for 20 minutes to keep warm and it was getting harder and harder to count… but I couldn’t stray far from the camera or I’d loose it on the enormous beach. The first signs of hypothermia are difficulties with simple tasks… like counting to 30. I’d like to go back tomorrow night and do an hour long exposure – but that’s a long time to stand around in 20 degree weather…

20 minutes, but run through the Auto Format feature of PaintShopPro. Click image for original image. Bright lights at the right is a fishing boat way off shore (barely visible with the naked eye)

Playing around on the way back to the hotel – 4 second exposure

Another 4 second exposure

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zachFebruary 23rd, 2006 at 5:13 pm

I so need a tripod.