Looking for a boat part II

Well – I think we’ve decided against the paddle wheel boat… but we haven’t ruled out living on a boat yet.

We’re going to try to look at this one today:

A 56′ wooden boat that’ looks absolutely gorgeous. What we found very surprising was it’s claim that it burns 2.2 gallons of diesel per hour at 12 knots. That means 6 hours to Friday Harbor (in the San Juans) at a cost far below $55 (that’s at $4/gallon for diesel… it’s usually around $2). This would be the perfect boat to do the inside passage with as well. And, it’s only $98K. Full specs.

This would leave us enough to buy a multi-unit in Bellingham and get into the rental market and still be debt free.

Life’s finally starting to look up. I never realised (well, yah, I did) how stressful having a huge mortgage was.

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matt wMarch 16th, 2006 at 7:44 am

That’s sweet. In memory of the boat we had when we were kids, you should call it “The Wooden Shoe”.

So… how does Kat feel about the living on a boat idea. While I find the idea incredibly fun and adventerous, I think the cramped space issue would get old real fast.