From UnixShell to WordPress

I signed up for a UnixShell account yesterday. Very good deal for your own Linux box starting at just $7/mo. They allow you to reinstall a number of Linux distro’s via a click of a button. This is for the work I’m doing on BlogMyHome that I mentioned a few posts back.

I chose Debian because I thought it would be close to Ubuntu but lighter weight and more apt at being a server. I’m not sure if any of those assumptions are right.

Anyway – it took me about 6 hours to google my way through this because I really, really suck at Linux. If any of you are equally inept I put up detailed instructions on the second brain:

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matt wMarch 24th, 2006 at 7:37 am

For what it’s worth, the Ubuntu install they offer is just a server install – perfectly light weight. Unless you chose the “unstable” branch, Debian is fairly outdated so you’re starting off with some really old versions of things. I get the feeling Debian is managed by people running really big important servers who are scared shitless to change anything. If you ever end up starting over, I’d use Ubuntu or CentOS (redhat clone).