Hooters Air?????

In the “what the fuck?” department…. I was working on a travel site job tonight (I don’t want to link to s t a s i s l l c . c o m / s i t e because this post will come up in google), entering some airline data when I came upon Hooters Air. Bizarro.

I’ve never understood people who go to strip joints or (about the same thing) Hooters. It just seems really screwed up. But, maybe not as screwed up as a as a soft porn wings joint having it’s own airline.

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mattMarch 26th, 2006 at 1:52 am

You’ve obviously never been to a Hooters. It’s really just a bar/restaurant chain where the waitresses (they don’t appear to hire waiters – or fat waitresses) have to wear a uniform consisting of short-shorts and a tight shirt. There’s no nudity involved, and it’s basically family-safe. It’s really no big deal, except that they have some of the best wings I’ve ever had.