BlogMyHome: starting to come together

Bob Barker says: This is our best stolen design yet!


Epitomizing Web 2.0 and the mashup culture this do nothing site consists of extremely mininal code. We’re talking:

  • a php google map view code library that’s a function call to do all the mapping
  • a single table mysql db
  • some “borrowed” site design and images
  • wordpress blog software
  • and a bunch of glue in Perl (god do I love perl)
  • some uber cheap hosting over on
  • Breezy Badger Ubuntu server (I love Ubuntu)

All told, if I’d known my ass from my elbow in Linux, Perl or Php (I have bordom problems and hate to do things in the same language everytime) this would have taken 5 minutes. Even so – I’m into it for 3 days so far and most of that was learning fucking Linux security (evil!)

Feed back welcome… it’s pretty delicate but feel free to play around.. here’s what you need to know to play:

  • Currently your blogname must not contain spaces (it’s just a folder name)… and, no, we don’t check for errors
  • After you sign up your login for your wordpress blog will be “admin” + whatever password you choose.
  • I’m not checking password confirmation fields yet… so, whatever you type into the first password box is what you get.
  • I still need to do branding on wordpress (a custom template)
  • I still need to do about 100 hours of other crap to even get this to alpha stage

Play with:

  • click on the markers on the map – there are links in the description that will take you to whatever blog they reference
  • the google map is fully funcitonal, zoom around


KippApril 2nd, 2006 at 6:02 pm

The menu seems a bit screwed up, or maybe you meant to have a white box show up underneith the words.

All the items on the menu, besides “home”, go to 404 page.

Looking good otherwise.

matt wApril 3rd, 2006 at 8:53 am

Neat. Watch out… you might make some money on this. Where’d you get the design?

I’m working on an early version of the ecommerce site for PocketStack using – holy idiot-proof 2 hour store setup for $20. I’ll let you know when there’s something worth looking at.