Communist insurgents shut down Seattle!

Bill Gates has the commie rat el-presidente of China over for dinner (el-presidente is used to denote the dictatorial regime of China, instead of the more commonly used “president” which denotes “fare” elections; usage: el-presidente Bush).

  1. the twits eat during RUSH HOUR (no, couldn’t have a late dinner, god forbid)
  2. the paranoid, terrorist frenzied, paramilitary US shuts down all major highways around Seattle – mistakenly assuming that people in the US hate Hu (the el-presidente) more than Bill – this might not be an accurate assumption
  3. it takes me an hour and fifteen minutes to do my 6 mile commute home because they’ve redirected highway traffic on to local roads [how this increases security is beyond me]

Why can’t these stuffed shirt big wigs take all their fucking money, get in a helicopter, and go have dinner in the middle of nowhere instead of shutting down a major metropolitan area that’s already beyond-fucked up at rush anyway?

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smooshyApril 19th, 2006 at 5:24 pm

I had the honor of beying on 520 westbound when el-presidente Hu and his motorcade were driving across the bridge eastbound. I can safely say that during one fleeting moment, I was within 15′ of said el-presidente. He rocked!

ZachApril 27th, 2006 at 12:27 pm

you both should be riding bicycles anyway.

Shame on you.