AspDotNetStoreFront Sucks some major Ass

I hope this saves someone some time. We’re using on a fucking trivial shopping cart site with one category and 12 products. These clowns have the worst documentation I’ve ever seen. Their product, for the first week we had it just plane didn’t work. Support was terrible. I finally ended up calling the loosers and they said “oh yah – we just fixed that – download another copy – sorry we didn’t get back to you”. The bug? Adding products… I mean – isn’t that an exteremly important function in shopping cart software?

They ship their source code when you “buy” their piece of shit… it’s an absolute disaster area, still has break points set all over the place and clearly hasn’t seen the light of q/a, ever. Unbelievably pathetic. Drunk monkeys on PCP could bash on keyboards while falling from trees and output better results.

I work on open source projects on a regular basis and I’ve never seen anything this bad. That these people are apparently making a lot of money on this product gives headless zombies with pedofile problems a very real belief that they’ll make it in life. Downloading random carts of would definitely net you better results than paying these twits a dime.

Keywords: asp dot net dotnet .net store front shopping cart ecommerce 2.0 c#

Again, these guys are absolutely the worst. In the admin panel you get an enormous list of keys you can change with illiterate super minimal information on what they do. You can’t search on the documentation, you need to pay to even access their manual.

Horrible company – to be avoided at all costs.


mattApril 22nd, 2006 at 12:18 am

Sounds like a typical “RAD” project. I’d look for a product without “DotNet” in the name. :)

AdministratorAugust 8th, 2006 at 7:56 am

Gee guys – can’t figure out why people stick with bad products… let’s see, we pay you, then spend weeks getting simple stuff to work, the client has probably seen a demo by now … now it’s too late to switch… kind of like asking you guys “Why are you still shipping dog shit?”. Maybe you too don’t have time to start over. I’m sure this is in your corporate business model somewhere, probably right below the policy of “get drunk and fuck donkeys”.

I’ve really never seen a worse product.

Why don’t you just download ZenCart, and resell it – I’m sure you’d save zillions in customer support. If I hadn’t been working for a company that MS or the highway that’s what I would have done.