Error 1402 – Please contact your support personal

More fun with MS. I love their Streets and Trips product… extremely useful, especially when traveling off-line. Thing is, everytime I tried to install it I got a (from memory… not exact) Error 1402: Access Denied to registry key Unknown\MsoHelp.HtmlHelp\… etc. Please see system administrator or support personel.

I love that message. What percentage of Windoz users have a fucking support department. I’d argue, few. And those that do… yah – go to your corporate IT guy and tell him you’re having problems installing Map software. Hope you’re a geologist or a cabbie.

Of course, the only “knowledge base” articles on this are for Windows ME (which should really start with “upgrade your fucking computer douche bag”).

Anyway – I didn’t find a fix anywhere out there online but lot’s of people seem to have had this problem. This is how I solved it. I got a copy of Office 2003, installed it, and it fixed the Streets and Trips install error. I’d bitch about having to buy a copy of Office 2003… but, for reasons that I’m sure are torrently obvious, I won’t.