Launched: Onyx Seattle

Just launched Onyx Seattle. I did this project with Amy at Planet-IS and it was exactly what quick web dev should be. The clients were reasonable (even nice), Amy did a great job PM’ing, there were no headaches… everything just came together.

On this project, and the Gates Foundation project below I used a technique that I’m liking more and more. I put all the content in XML and did up individual XSLT sheets and 10 lines of .Net C# code to crank out individual HTML pages in a simple command line build that runs in under a second.

So, what’s the big deal? Well… this ties into CSS. I really think using CSS for layout is wrong. It might be the right way to go in a few select situations (the very rare cases where you need to skin an app) but, for 99% of the work I do I think CSS should be relegated to type setting styles and not page layout.

Why? Well, doing the simplest things in CSS are a nightmare (especially if you have to run on numerous browsers). Tables happen to kick ass at layout but pretty much suck if you have to change things around.

Enter XSLT. Put the data in XML and spend 10 minutes writing XSLT to do the layout and do your style is CSS. This is worlds faster than mucking about with stupid ass box-model bugs, floating divs, verticle alignment headaches and all the other crap that goes along with doing anything beyond “Hello World” with CSS.

So – take that CSS Nazi’s… I’m a heritic, I don’t float, and I’m proud of it. :)


dwJune 27th, 2006 at 1:11 am

You trying to piss me off? You’re not, because you’re absolutely right. If you’re using XML, you should use XSLT.

And good for you for leaving the company you were at. Start your own damn company. Work from home. Anything. You’re just going to burn out more if you keep going back to these places for another round of assfucking.