Living in a construction zone

One of the annoying things about living out west is it isn’t quite done yet. Back in Boston shit was a 100 years old and generally didn’t change all that often (except for things like the Bigus Digus). Out here they’re still becoming a city which involves tearing everything apart every week. It’s like a maze just getting out of our neighborhood most days, they shut down a major highway for 3 days last week, the bridges to Seattle are constantly closed for construction, all of downtown Kirkland is under construction (3 new condo complexes, a new hotel, new water main), there are a minimum of 5 house construction sites, just on our street, at any given time, and, in Bellevue, there are 3-4 major sky scrapers going up at anytime.

This is what our drive way looks like this morning… at least it cooled off and we could close the windows.