Part way to Gothic Basic and Foggy Lake

Man I’m out of shape. Thankfully a truely sketchy snow situation turned us around in time for me to survive but, doing a measly 6 miles and 3000′ kicked my ass into the dark ages. But, it was gorgeous. Kat is now in amazing shape and kicked Tobias and I all the way up.

The snow situation was a typical snow chute but the river running underneath it had created 20′ “crevases”… not a true crevas but you would have gotten really fucked up if the snow bridge had given way… as it was doing pretty much constantly as we debated it.

Gothic Basin and Foggy Lake are up on the Mountain Loop Highway up the deserted road to the ghost town of Monte Cristo… really cool area.

Flickr Set is up here.

Some photos:

Kat the ass kicker Suletzki

Tobias: “I’m fabulous – thanks for asking!”

Kat and Tobias wondering when my fat ass will catch up with them

Kat and Tobias modeling