ActiveRain Happenings

The ActiveRain project I’m on is growing pretty fast. We launched about two months ago and, this morning, had 2,200 members. We added forums last week, added support for Canada and migrated the servers to Mongrel.

At last count there have been 2,110 blog entries.

We’re starting to integrate Ferret to support site wide search… probably a week out on that (since I’ll be off line until Wed. night).

I think the standard social network stats are holding pretty true, in that only about 10% of the group is participating and there are definitely around 10 mavens as mentioned in the great social networking articles from the Joel on Software book. I actually expect that number to drop as we get larger… this is just a hunch though. I think we could probably prevent that by making things more state specific. The site is very points motivated, as we grow I think it’ll be harder and harder to make those points mean anything (right now they control your ranking in the site). Anyway – should be interesting.

Caleb and Matt were down at the Inman Realestate Conference doing some networking. Here’s a pod cast someone did of them.

I’ve learned a ton about SEO on this project. We’re very highly ranked in Google and only two months old. We’ve submitted our data to Google Base as well as submitting all blog entries, whenever they’re saved, to Ping-o-matic.

Still very impressed with Ruby-on-Rails. The only downsides so far are that debugging support is a bit lame (but, is more than made up for by Console mode and the lack of compile stupidity [i.e. “try and check” is super fast]). Hosting is still a complete disaster area with Rails. You need to be a very good linux admin to get the basics running and then, you need to very knowledgable in the very poorly documented systems that work and, of course, you need to know what hodgepodge works when thrown together. Hopefully this will improve in the next few months. I think the major stumbling block is that Rails is kind of a pigware, meaning that you can’t throw 10,000 sites on one server… which is what all the “easy hosting” solutions are currently doing.

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smooshyJuly 31st, 2006 at 11:26 am

Congrats on your success! I can’t wait to have some time to play around with RoR some more, but in the meantime, I continue to sell parts of my soul to the corporate machine and our litigious society. YESSSS!