On the road

Leaving this morning for a two week road trip to the South West. Yes – you’re asking, what kind of looser leaves Washington State during the 7 nice weeks we have up here to go to 110 degree desert… well, that’d be me… fucking loosA. I’d rather be paddling in Alaska but, this was the best time to drop down there to visit some friends.

Current plan is to drive to Hell’s Canyon and spend the night at a campsite on high lookout and maybe do some coding while doing time lapse star photography. On tuesday I’m then driving down to Flaming Gorge to spend another night under the stars (one of my favorite things is starry nights). From there I’ll probably do another 10+ hour drive and get to somewhere in Colorado (around the Durango area) and hopefully get a hotel with wifi (Wed night). After that I’m NM (ABQ) until the 7th or so and am then going to Denver to visit Dave Sussman and my dad for a bit. Hopefully returning sometime on the 15th via Yosemite.

If I’m really off-line for 3 days that will be the longest I’ve been off-line since I went Costa Rica, several years ago. It’s probably going to be a working vacation though, planning on programming for a few hours most mornings when I can.

Watch the blog – I’ll update with pics and daily reports as often as possible.

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mattJuly 31st, 2006 at 7:57 pm

sounds like a fun adventure… say hi to dad for me and enjoy your trip!