I used a travel agent!

I haven’t used a travel agent since the very, very early days of the net. After spending hours searching expedia, travelocity, kayak, orbitz and individual airline sites for our trip to Europe in the fall we ran into continual frustrations: site down, get half way through and have it tell you to try later, couldn’t assign seats (which is a big deal for 14 hour flights), etc., etc.

So – I said, half jokingly to Kat, “why don’t we call a travel agent?”.

I did the website for Stasis Travel a while ago so I called them up. They managed to find really good flights that we couldn’t find on any of the sites mentioned above and the prices were only around $50 more (which isn’t a big deal on tickets costing $900+/pp). So – there’s my plug for using a travel agent.

I find it unbelievable that, in a business as competitive as airlines, booking a ticket is still such a complete fucking disaster. Pretty unbelievable. As if all the other bullshit involved with flying isn’t bad enough – actually giving them money is equally irritating.

So – next time – spread the wealth, create a job, use a travel agent.