St. Malo, France

Nothing says France like a T-Shirt that says Fashion – pretty much sums it all up.

The Dead Baby Bar – swings for bar stools, limbs for beer taps – very cool place – in the walled city of St. Malo, France

More attorcious food and a subterrainian hotel room billed as “garden view” – aka view of parking lot and underside of stairs. I’m pretty much completely sick of pretentious Europe where everything is expensive, a pain in the ass and small. St. Malo is a pretty cool walled city full of restaurants that should be shut down for any number of reasons and shops selling over priced crap. They had some cool boats in the harbor though. It might be fun to sail your way through Europe… full immersion is for living only though – visiting it is a complete pain in the ass and OMG not worth the money.