Food in France

I feel like I went to MIT and found out that they only use Quick Basic and can’t count past 100. France is food, at least for anyone who cooks. I love that they have bakeries every block with great bread and the one market we’ve found was fairly impressive in the cheese department (but no Whole Foods, not by a long shot). Meat is outrageous though – with meat in the $40/lb range for even lame cuts.

Without exception the food we’ve had here is mediocre. Kat’s been doing fish and claims it’s good. I’ve been ordering Steak au Poive (pepper sauce) and it’s been terrible. Denny’s has better (much better) steaks. They serve up Faux Steak most of the time (pounded, 1/8″ thick top round) or, when they actually give you a steaks it’s a 1/4″ affair. The rest of the food we’ve had has just been ordinary, any twit could cook it, fair. Pretty disappointing. America definitely kicks France’s ass in the food department… (and the rest of Europe from what I’ve seen).