Bought a Mac

Well – I never thought I’d do it (well, 5 years ago at least) but I just ordered a MacPro 15″ laptop – since they finally released the Core 2 Duo for them. Doing Rails development in Windoz has been a a headache lately… many add-ons (Ruby libraries) don’t really work in Windoz and *nix isn’t native so I’ve been doing Cygwin. I’ve been doing development on my primary site on an old beater linux laptop, which has been frustrating.

Plus – I just really can’t stand Windoz anymore. I’m sick of the genuine advantage crap, having to call them everytime I have to reinstall their fucking peace of shit operating system (which is a quarterly joy) and their inability to ship or keep pace with the tech world.

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smooshyOctober 24th, 2006 at 10:37 am

Congrats! I got my 15″ MacBook Pro about 2 weeks ago. It’s really a great machine and I haven’t been happier with a machine yet. I need to blog about the cool software I found and use.

Don’t forget TextMate. :)