Kayaking along the “Washington Riviera”

I did a 13.5 mile kayak yesterday along what I call the Washington Riviera. The stretch of Lake Washington from Kirkland to Bellevue is ostentatious housing central (boasting addresses like Bill Gates). It’s palatial mansion after palatial mansion. Took a couple shots along the way. This was also the first time I paddled into Meydenhauser Bay… which was pretty cool – their yacht club has some pretty nice boats in it.

I was also listening to The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey which, so far is as interesting as it is amusing. Roosevelts last campaign address took place after he’d been shot and delivered while bleeding from a bullet in his chest. The cavalier attitude they take to preparations for this journey are also pretty funny… I think this was during the closing days of “British” style expiditions… you know – bringing formal dining sets, etc. :)

There are many interesting modern homes along this stretch

I always wonder about people who build modern castles – there are at least 4 in King County that I’ve seen

Map of the paddle