MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo

Rails was becoming a headache on Windoz so I bought a MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo laptop (which I totally, 100% couldn’t afford but, you gotta spend money to make money).

First – you get a very minimal box (and it even arrived 2 days early). There are virtually no instructions – I’ve seen more involved manuals for making rice. I plugged it in, booted it up and went through a super quick setup which took a minute or so (set username, password, register). It found the wifi with no problems.

Downloaded Firefox2 and installation was ridiculously easy.

It took me sometime to figure out how to get into bash (command line / terminal / whatever) but, once in it’s just like Linux.

Following Ben Curtis’ advice I installed DarwinPorts and had rails up in under an hour.

ImageMagick and RMagick where their usual headache until I found Hivelogic’s post – copied his code in the .sh file, did the chmod on it and it ran flawlessly.

PostGres was a bit of a headache – but not nearly as bad as it was in Linux. Followed these instructions: + a quick “sudo gem install postgres-pr” and it worked.

SVN was also kind of confusing… but just did this and it worked:

get subversion
	- install svn
	- install finder client  (svn co - follow the installation.txt)

Followed this post and got connected to my windoz box in no time:

After that did a few quick gem installs, got RadRails, TextMate, etc and was up and running. Total run time for all of this was maybe 6 hours on an O/S I’ve never used before (I last used Apple on an Apple II – back in the 80’s).

That’s pretty impressive – for an operating system to be this easy is phenomenal. I’ve been using Linux for nearly a year and could have never pulled this off this quickly – even though I kept detailed notes on how to do all of this.

Of course – I have a few gripes with the Mac… the biggest one is ctrl-c / ctrl-v … copy/paste – works on every OS in the world except the Mac which just couldn’t support that and had to do apple-key-c and apple-key-v – which is infuriating since ctrl-c is pre-programmed in me at this point.

Also – I think the menu at the top for whatever app you’re using in annoying, especially with dual monitors. And – in dual monitors – the context menus appear on the wrong screen.

But – overall – I’m really impressed so far.


mattNovember 3rd, 2006 at 5:26 pm

you will burn in hell. don’t ask why – you just will. yeah, so I have a totally irrational hatred for all things apple. so what.

now, if you become one of those mac @#$%@#$%* that pisses and wines wondering why nothing works on their platform that 2% of the computing world uses, you will go to a special really bad hell just for these people.