Seattle’s Odd

Tobias and I were doing the usual Tiger 3 hike yesterday (which is about 2,000′ in 2.5 miles or so) in winds that were hitting 25mph and poring rain (not just the usual Seattle drizzle) and it was crouded. I’ve lived in a lot of places but have never seen the caliber of outdoor nuts that Washington State has. In 5+ years out here I’ve only not seen someone on a trail once… and that probably covers at least 300+ hikes, at all times of the day, in all weather. You go hiking mid day on a weekday in the rain and you’ll see people. About the craziest outdoor place I’ve lived other than here was Telluride, CO where even our dish washer would run up a 13,500′ peak before his 5:30am shift… a good number of Telluride people were world class athletes. I guess it’s the same here. I think the majority of Everest lunatics from the US live right around here.

Not only were there a lot of people on Tiger (not unusual) but they were all running. Groups of people running up and down the mountain in the poring rain.

Here’s a picture of Tobias looking miserable. It was pretty nasty on Tiger 3 yesterday.

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KippNovember 6th, 2006 at 9:45 am

I’ll bet the other guy you see on the trail has the same observation when he is passing by you. 😉