Playing with bacteria!

In my on going obsession with pizza I “had” to build a proofing box to activate some sour dough starters from Naples I ordered… should be simple (my karma isn’t that good).

The plans called for an inverted styrofoam cooler with a light bulb hanging from a hole in the floor with a 25 watt bulb attached to a dimmer switch so you could keep the inside around 85-90 degrees – optimal bacteria temps. So – I go to the hardware store and ask a bunch of manly-men where I can find this stuff in the store. “Watcha building son?” … um – a proofing box… “What’s that”…. “We don’t sell cooking equipment try Sur La Table”. Sigh. So I dig around the store for an hour and now have a collection of dimmer switches, raw wires, electrical tape, sockets, wire strippers and a vision of my relatives laughing to death at my funeral after I electrocute myself building a bacterial breeding box (aka “proofing box”). I pull a benny classic and “run away” leaving everything on the floor and go and recover in Jade – the commercial restaurant equipment store (which, also doesn’t have any of this crap – but has the best priced, hard core kitchen equipment in Bellevue).

I come home… debate going to IKEA but say fuck it since the combination of traffic and their opening hours only cross around 1:30 pm each day. But I remember we have these heating pads, an old plastic cooler… that should work.

Kat looks at me like “you’re not going to fucking grow bacteria in our kitchen from now on are you?” but calms down once I explain that this is just to get things going… it’s only for a few days. (Little does she know we’ll have nasty pots of starter in the fridge for the rest of our days)

The heating pads + cooler got me my 85 degree box and hopefully the bacteria is happy as a clam now in it’s dark warm box. Hopefully that horrid medical smell of the heating blankets doesn’t transfer to the starter….

Pizza…. really – it’s fun.