Rails + PDF +++…

When I first started Rails I was pretty worried that doing all the ridiculous stuff that real world apps always require would be a nightmare in Rails. Things like dynamically creating PDF documents. I’m continually amazed by how much is out there for Ruby and Rails – I’ve yet to hit a total dead end.

Want to do PDFs in Rails? Get the Rails PDF Plugin and then read up on the PDF-Writer documentation.

Doing graphing is as easy as Gruff (super minimal coding required). Need to do a wee bit of crypto cookery with salted hash? EzCrypto is unbelievably easy to use. Need to do credit card processing? ActiveMerchant does all the hard stuff for you. It goes on and on… it’s the number one reason to stick with open source for development.

If you’re not doing Rails a good place to see how much extra work you’re doing is Ben Curtis’ Plugin Site.