OnSmart – avoid at all costs

What is it about companies never living up to their name. I figure – if I start a company and call it “Fucking Retards” that, following conventional wisdom, we’ll patent space-time travel.

We host my wifes blog, an unbelievably simple affair that’s basically a blog + ms access database and might get 100 hits a day when her extended family go absolutely nuts. According to google it get’s 10 hits a day on average.

The smarties at “OnSmart” took our site down after definitely not sending us a message (gmail is pretty searchable)… when I inquired what it was this time (they go down a minimum of twice a month) I get this super literate reply back:

Hello Ben,

We have already informed you on : ksuletzki@gmail.com about site suspenssion on server due to pressing high load . You have to check your code, pages and site contents agian why its been pressing high load on server. Do you have any mysql Db ? mailing list ? what are the contents of your site ? please provide some details related to your site to clarify the reason why its been loading high always.

It is a pleasure to serve you @Onsmart.net, If the support ticket was closed, and the issue was not resolved to your satisfaction, please feel free to open another ticket and reference this ticket number and be sure to give us a detailed description so we can assist you further till your satisfaction.


Is it me – or are pretty much all shared hosting plans out there uneblievably, you’ve got to be fucking joking, bad?

Guess it’s time to rewrite suletzki.com in Rails this weekend and get off MS.

This is especially frustrating because my windoz box completely died last week and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to bring it back to life. Of course – Ubuntu booted right up on it. This will make dealing with MS Access extra fun.

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Benjamin CurtisDecember 12th, 2006 at 4:01 pm

Just buy Parallels for your shiny new Mac and load Windows + Access on it. :)