Still no power

Ended up heading into Seattle today to hang out the awesome Seattle Public Library (which is lame and doesn’t open til 10) because reading books and drinking Jack all day in our 30 degree house was getting kind of old. :)

Not having much luck determining when power will be back on in Kirkland. Last night downtown Bellevue and Kirkland were still dark. Temperatures dropped below 30 last night. The camping stuff is coming in handy.

It was actually nice to be powerless yesterday. Read a couple books, and there was no “check your email” stress and the usual onslaught of demands from clients. Kind of nice to just not be able to a damn thing about work for once.

Going to have to junk everything in the fridge and do some sure to be really nasty dishes when I get hot water back.

Anyway – not too bad. Just reinforces my belief that living on a boat would be better… depending on government for much of anything is a pretty lame choice. On a boat you’re 100% self sufficient.

Anyway – back to coding Rails with the usual winter library homeless crowd… feel right at home.

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smooshyDecember 19th, 2006 at 5:06 pm

I hope Kat was done with her cookies before the power went out. Lauren too goes crazy with the christmas cookies every year. This year I think she made around 500 (about 1/4 in my belly already). On the night of the windstorm, we were getting some brown-outs so we made sure all of the nuts were already chopped with our Ultimate Chopper(TM) so we weren’t forced to manual labor.