Stupid fucking people…

On Friday, with a million plus people without power, homes destroyed, trees down, and every traffic light for 100+ miles out what were the Kirkland Police doing? Why they were responding to some shit for brains call reporting dangerous children with toy guns.

I’m definitely not dissing the police here. It’s gotta really suck policing this town of bored house wives and vicious poodles. I’m dissing the retard who called this in? I can’t imagine what this nit-wit was thinking.

First, I mean – on any day this would be absurd… but the morning after the biggest storm we’ve had in a decade? Nice prioritizing.

Second: there’s a pretty distinct difference, in sound, between a plastic pellet gun “click click” and a 9mm hand cannon.

Third – they’re kids. Running around, hiding behind trees, laughing, shooting each other. You didn’t see this? Are you from fucking Mars – land of no kids? Even if I were in downtown Baghdad I don’t think this would seem alarming.

What was embarrassing though was that I went out to ask the cops about the power situation. After they left the kids were all pointing at me from across the street. I realized they probably thought I called this in. So I had to go out and try to convince them that, no, I’d never call the cops and, yes, I was a kid with toy guns once. I think they bought it (so hopefully no Halloween toilet paper reprisals :)

Call for backup – kids with toy guns! Officer down! Laughing his ass off. Needs paper bag to breath in, now!

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smooshyDecember 19th, 2006 at 5:04 pm

But what happens when these kids have REAL guns and we think they’re fake? Who’ll be laughing then?

But it was probably good that you made friends with the kids since one day they will probably grow resenting older people and since most kids become criminals you’ll probably end up face-to-face with one of them one day. They’ll remember good old Oben Wiseleynobi and maybe just the memory of your peace offering will be enough to stay their finger from pulling the trigger on their death ray gun. But maybe not…. maybe not…