MS Live

Dude – seriously – what the hell is wrong with MS? I went over to comment on my friends Nobody In Particular blog on Microsoft’s Live Spaces cluster fuck and, of course, you have to sign in/up. Let’s assume you’re not an ass monkey and you’ve figured out that Hotmail is an annoying joke. So – you have to sign up. To leave a comment you need to leave no less than:

  • email
  • password
  • first name
  • last name
  • birth year
  • state
  • zip code
  • password reset information – with a different email than the first one
  • click on some “agreement” that’d take Supreme Law Clerk 5 days to understand

Nice system Microsoft. Hey – news flash – your design by a committee of lawyers… in case you haven’t notices… it’s not working so well.

And – after all of that – it worked so badly in FireFox that it’s not even worth dealing with. Thankfully he’s keeping the same blog on Blogger at