Dark Days

Man – the last 5-6 weeks have been brutal. A glimpse of “getting old” has been pretty terrible. It started with what I thought was a simple sprained ankle. I’m still not sure what I did to my right ankle, it’s definitely not broken, but I suspect torn tendons. It’s was unbelievably painful, even when lying down, for weeks. During this time we lost power for 4 days, the temperatures dropped, our basement flooded and I developed some pneumonia type cough that had me coughing for a week until I’d black out. On top of this, Kat was in Maine for most of this. My cough finally started clearing up, my right ankle is still weak but no longer really painful (stairs are still a bitch) but then I got gout in my left foot. Gout is ridiculously painful and, combined with my right ankle problems I literally couldn’t walk for a few days. When Kat came home she bought me crutches – which at least allow me to move about. After a week with Gout I realized it wasn’t going away. The only thing worse than gout is it’s cure: Colchicine. It makes you really sick for around three days.

So – finally – I think the gout is clearing up, my sprained ankle is finally starting to improve, the cough is gone, I can eat for the first time in three days, and I almost feel human again. Of course, now Kat is sick (cold), which, following this wonderful lucky streak I’ve been on, means I’ll probably get that.

But, damn, rough fucking month+. I seriously need to buy a faster motorcycle and start using it aggressively in the snow. :)