Porting Suletzki.com to Rails

I finally finished porting the old Suletzki site off of .Net and onto Rails. This allowed us to get rid of a terrible host, create one less head ache to support in .Net and give a good excuse to play with some new rails stuff.

The new search is kind fun in a stupid 2.0 Ajax kind of way.

All blog images are on Amazons S3 service which is proving to be a pretty nice service for images… the ruby libraries for it are still a bit flakey but they mostly work.

All Photo Essays are running off Flickr with custom templates (that I still need to do, in Liquid). Added a new thumbs view to all photo essays that’s cached – so it should be quick. There’s also a custom “splash screen” view available… which allows you to browse by splash screens that Kat creates (not all photo essays have these).

I still want to port the different layouts that you can get to from Archives for each year to Liquid.

Oh – check out the funny error screen.

Other than that… just another Rails 1.2 site.