Last day in LA

Heading back to Seattle today.

Yesterday was pretty lazy… went to brunch (where we sat next to Lisa Bonet [not that I give a shit about famous people – but it seems like you’re supposed to mention that kind of thing when in LA]). Just as an example of how big LA is – I met Kwin near downtown around 10am to go to brunch in Venice Beach. I wasn’t back to the hotel in downtown until almost 3pm and we probably only spent an hour at brunch.

Spent the rest of the day wandering around downtown, which, despite the throngs of people who turned out, was mostly closed (which I guess it always is on weekends). I don’t know what these businesses were thinking – I mean there was a deli, convenience store and restaurant, at the finish line (which was a zoo) that were all closed. Maybe they figured the wierdos in LA (who drive everywhere) wouldn’t be able to find parking… that’d be a very LA mindset.

Heading up to Malibu today after meeting Kwin this morning. Just going to hang out on the beach until I have to be at the airport.

Kwin and Nina at brunch

The (much cooler than the one in Seattle) Geery building