RSS imports for social blogging

The “Mobius Law” project is still coming together. I added the ability for users to import RSS/Atom feeds which wasn’t too much work and should help really kick-start content and lower the barrier for entry as well as simplifying what we need to support in terms of content creation (at least for phase one). It sill needs ranking/tagging/bulk editing for imports and I’m thinking of default tagging all content based on the users profile location for beta.

For beta I still need to tie in my “Zippy Engine” for regional content, add comments, content ranking (simple digg+slashdot algo), add a simplified AskVille section and work on my profile-engine a bit more (and create a wrapper LegalProfile Engine to keep things re-usable).

Here are some early screen shots – very NYT’s :)

I’ll probably extend the right tabs over into the second column making half the front page either regional, q&a or lawyer locator

Admin areas is very clean yet the tabs should allow us to add just about anything in the future.

Shouldn’t be too much more work (ha, ha).